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Monday, 20 April 2015

Big Week Ahead

I've been pretty absent from this corner of the internet for the last few months. There's a practical reason for that - it's difficult to review books or classic films when you can't find time to read and watch them. That epic reading challenges list I decided to undertake this year is taking a hammering, though I'm hopeful that I can catch up when things settle down. I'm due a lull, you see.

This week is pretty important in the grand scheme of things. I have my viva on Friday. And I'm just going to leave that there, because otherwise I may start flapping again. Judy and Fred say no.

So, what else is going on? Well, I've been officially nominated as the Yorkshire First candidate for the Wakefield North council ward. Campaigning is enjoyable yet time-consuming and I just hope I don't disgrace myself on the ballot paper on May 7th. On the work side of things, I've mainly been fire-fighting. I feel like I'm playing a lengthy game of Whac-A-Mole. Viva prep: bam! Political leafleting: bam! Article research and writing: bam! Short story work: bam! Everything begins to calm down after the election. That, however, brings its own set of problems. I think I prefer playing Whac-A-Mole to be honest.

It will be good to return to novel work. I've had to set my plans aside to focus on the things that have popped up in the meantime, but I miss those drafts. Hopefully I can come back to them refreshed and make some headway.

For now, though, I've got to get through this week. I've got everything crossed...

"Maybe I can do - don't laugh - good,
Maybe I can do - don't laugh - well,
Maybe you could be - who knows - proud,
All right so laugh...but not too loud..."

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