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About Me

The major things in my life are writing, politics and my PhD.

I'm a postgraduate student at the University of Sheffield looking at the theme of devotion in a little-known sensation author's work. You can find out a little more about Edmund Yates on the sidebar. As far as Victorian fiction goes, I'm a huge fan. The beauty of sensation fiction is that it has the vicariousness of modern life coupled with an atmosphere and setting that remains appealing to me. I'm glad to be studying in that area and one day, hopefully, teaching it myself.

Writing is my passion. At the moment I'm focused on getting things as I want them but I have had some moderate success in my submissions with one short story published and a ten-minute play performed at an evening of new writing in Leeds. I'm ambitious, yes, but I'm also highly alert to my current short-comings. But I'm working on those!

What else about me? Well, if you follow this blog you should be aware that you'll get posts on all sorts of things: writing, books, Victorian history, television, musicals and odd life snippets are all included in these pages at some point. I'm eager to get to know people interested in any and all of these things. That's the thing I love most about blogging and Twitter - I've learned so much from so many fascinating people that my brain should've exploded by now. Alas, I'm still here.