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Thursday, 15 August 2013

500th Post: A Selection of Under Appreciated Posts

Amazingly, three years after starting this blog I'm still going and I've hit another milestone. 500 posts seems a lot but, apparently, I can waffle for Britain. In the last few months this blog has become more a portal for classic film reviews than anything else. I'm loving exploring these old films and I hope my readers are finding some gems they haven't encountered before. Peppered in amongst these film reviews are book reviews (although I'm not reading for pleasure these days as much as I would wish), the occasional television review, updates on my personal life and my studies and some random thoughts as and when they occur to me.

Today, I wanted to share 25 posts with you that I wish had been read more. Many stem from the early days of the blog and I hope they provide some entertainment to you.

Five Classic Film Reviews
  1. Victim - A 1961 film about a homosexual barrister (Dirk Bogarde) seeking out a blackmailer. 
  2. Desk Set - A 1957 film where Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy battle over office computerisation. 
  3. Lifeboat - A 1944 Hitchcock film about the survivors of a shipwreck - and the enemy in their midst.
  4. Sister Kenny - A 1946 biopic of a pioneering nurse starring Rosalind Russell.
  5. My Favourite Wife - A 1940 film where Irene Dunne returns from the grave to claim her newly remarried husband, Cary Grant. 

Five Book Reviews
  1. Tell It To The Bees by Fiona Shaw 
  2. Summer Will Show by Sylvia Townsend Warner 
  3. All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville-West
  4. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
  5. The Scourging Angel by Benedict Gummer 

Fifteen 'Other' Posts
  1. 'Does Your Character Have a Political Agenda?' - In which I discuss my laziness. 
  2. 'Imitating Greats' - In which I discuss Henry Fielding and share a small sample of my MA work.
  3. 'The New Condition of England Novel?' - In which I discuss, shortly after the 2010 election, whether the 'genre' has ever faded. 
  4. 'Fear Itself' - In which I discuss how difficult fear is to portray.
  5. 'The End. Or Alternatively...' - In which I discuss Dickens, Sweet Charity and altered endings. 
  6. 'Be a Curious Clown' - In which I discuss the mysteries of grated cheese amongst other things.
  7. 'A Life in Museum Leaflets' - In which I discuss sorting through the cupboards of my grandparents.
  8. 'Seconds of Serenity' - In which I discuss rolling down a hill in Austria. 
  9. 'Using Profanities - Pure Laziness?' - In which I discuss whether swearing has lost its resonance.
  10. 'Regrets? I've Had a Few...' - In which I discuss my fearful personality. 
  11. 'The Depths of the Library' - In which I discuss a scary visit.
  12. 'Surprising Discoveries in the Early Hours' - In which I discuss finding a present from my late grandfather.
  13. 'Some Victoria Wood Optimism' - In which I discuss my favourite song of hers. 
  14. 'I Said Love - Or Did I?' - In which I discuss the necessity of spelling out emotions in fiction.
  15. 'Some Wise Words - Anne Bronte' - In which I discuss a favourite passage.

Thank you for reading...

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