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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Upcoming Event: Battle of the Books at Wakefield Literature Festival

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be organising and hosting the 'Battle of the Books' event on Sunday 29th September, 1-3 pm, at The Orangery. Thanks to a successful funding application (see below), I'm putting together what I hope will be an enjoyable afternoon.

Here's the premise.

Every participant will have five minutes to 'sell' their favourite book. Now, this can be a novel, work of non-fiction, poetry collection, play, graphic novel - whatever you want. All you have to do is make it sound good. That's easy, right? It's up to you what you decide to focus on. You could go with plot, character, design, wider meaning or anything that you find particularly endearing about your choice. The only rules are that you have to use your vocal powers of persuasion alone and you only have five minutes.

Aside from the glory (which is, of course, abundant), there will be prizes on the day following a secret vote to see who 'sold' their book best. Prizes will be drawn from local retailers making this a truly Yorkshire event.

And, just to sweeten the pot a little more, there will be refreshments and treats available during the event - in case the pressure gets too much for you.

So, does it sound like your kind of afternoon? Tickets are £2 and places are limited to 15 to allow everyone their five minutes of persuasion. Visit the page linked to below if you want to book and feel free to ask me any questions!

New for 2013 Wakefield Lit Fest, ‘Seed Funded’ events are a series of curated events organised independently by local groups and individuals with a passion for literature. An open call for ideas for festival events was made in July, with successful events being given financial support from the Lit Fest through Arts Council England Grants for the Arts funding.

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Laura Daniels said...

Sounds like fun! If I lived anywhere nearby I'd definitely be heading there!