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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Reading Challenges Master List

In a bid to make up for my lacklustre attempts at reading as many books as I'd like to in the last few years, I've signed up for five separate reading challenges for 2015. While I could place books on two lists, I haven't done that. The idea is to read as many books as possible and broaden my horizons a little bit. I'll probably fail miserably but I'm going to have fun trying with this lot.

New Author Challenge

Hosted by Literary Escapism, this challenge does what it says on the tin - you have to read a set amount of new authors in 2015. I'm opting into the lowest rung of fifteen novels which may make me a bit of a wimp but I want to try and complete it after all. I've listed the precise books I intend to read and not just the authors because the rest of the lists will look like this and I'm nothing if not methodical. It's a reasonable mix of modern novels and older stuff. 
  1. The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg
  2. After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry
  3. The Failed Assassin by Richard Pierce
  4. Dead to Me by Cath Staincliffe
  5. The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman
  6. Heresy by S.J. Parris
  7. The Bawdy Basket by Edward Marston
  8. The Lost Abbot by Susanna Gregory
  9. The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte Yonge
  10. Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert George Jenkins
  11. The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni
  12. The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
  13. King Solomon's Mines by Henry Rider Haggard
  14. The Angel of Terror by Edgar Wallace
  15. The Bartlett Mystery by Louis Tracy

Women Challenge

Hosted by Peek a booK!, the idea is to get people reading more books by women. While that's probably my default position anyway, it can't hurt to make it official and, besides, it's setting in stone that I need to read some of those classics I've so far neglected. I'm opting for the second level which is six to fifteen books and aiming for the higher end of that category.
  1. The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot
  2. Brick Mother by S.J. Bradley
  3. The Lovels of Arden by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  4. The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters
  5. Here Be Dragons by Stella Gibbons
  6. Sylvia's Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell
  7. In the Days of My Youth by Amelia Edwards
  8. Murder on a Summer's Day by Frances Brody
  9. Mathilda by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  10. Camilla by Fanny Burney
  11. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  12. Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell
  13. Nancy by Rhoda Broughton
  14. Miss Marjoribanks by Margaret Oliphant
  15. The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner

TBR Challenge

Hosted by Roof Beam Reader, this is the challenge I failed miserably at last year, only getting through five of my choices. As a consequence, several of these books are appearing on the list for the second year running and I'll try to do better this time. As per the rules, all of these books have been waiting to be read for at least a year and there are twelve books on this list. 
  1. Author, Author by David Lodge
  2. Mutants by Armand Marie Leroi
  3. Radclyffe Hall: A Woman Called John by Sally Cline
  4. The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins
  5. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
  6. 800 Years of Women's Letters
  7. Collected Stories by Dylan Thomas
  8. Henry Dunbar by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  9. The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins
  10. Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
  11. The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham
  12. Witch Stories by Eliza Lynn Linton

Victorian Bingo Challenge

This one, hosted by Becky's Book Reviews, is rather fun. You have to complete a row, line or diagonal on the bingo board and, again, I'm using this challenge to read books I should've read already. I've gone across the top, mainly because I wanted to avoid some categories that would likely put me off the challenge and there are five books involved in this one.
  1. Book Published in the 1840s - Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens
  2. Male Author - The Warden by Anthony Trollope
  3. Female Author - Charlotte's Inheritance by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  4. Book with a Name as the Title - Felix Holt, the Radical by George Eliot
  5. Book Published in Serial Format - The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade

Reading England Challenge

Hosted by Behold the Stars, this challenge is to read books set in different parts of the country. I'm opting for level two which is four to six books and aiming for the higher number again. I've deliberately filled this selection with classics too, probably because I'm a glutton for punishment.
  1. Berkshire - Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy
  2. Essex - Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens
  3. Derbyshire - Rookwood by W.H. Ainsworth
  4. Nottinghamshire - Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence
  5. Somerset - Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore
  6. Lancashire - Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell


o said...

Good luck with all your challenges! And thanks for joining Reading England :)

CharmedLassie said...

Reading England may turn out to be the only one I actually accomplish!

Peek-a-booK! said...

Welcome to the Women Challenge and HAPPY READING!


Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

That is one impressive list of challenges!