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Monday, 22 September 2014

Westgate Writers Event - This Saturday

This Saturday (27th September), I'll be taking part in an event at the Wakefield Lit Fest. I'm part of a small group of writers who have been working with Steve Dearden to create pieces which, as the brochure says, 'explore the new Westgate railway station in words'.

That brief was delightfully vague and we've all come up with some rather diverse work, linking to the station as well as other things. Some of it's humorous, some of it's a bit dark and, as yet, we don't quite know which of our little pieces we'll be showcasing. Steve has been an excellent chair, giving us crazy tasks to stimulate our creative brains. The other aspect of the event is presenting Steve's commission piece from last year's festival - 'Wakelost Wakefound'. Described as 'part online novella, part photo essay', more information can be found here.

The event is being held at The Orangery on the 27th between 3pm and 4:30pm. It's free and everyone's welcome. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Karen Naylor said...

Excellent news, sounds like a fascinating project.