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Monday, 7 April 2014

Opening a Bag

Funny the things you forget. As I was rooting through some family documents the other day, I found a bag I remembered getting free as part of the Blog North event I attended in May 2012. I wondered why it was there but also why it was so heavy. When I opened it up I found a book in there - Yorkshire in Watercolour by Les Packham, a collection of his local artwork. I remembered buying it. I even remembered lending it to my grandmother. But, to my knowledge, I forgot to look through it myself to the extent that I forgot it existed. That's rather bad, isn't it?

The stupid thing is, of course, that I bought this book because I was interested in it. Glancing through the pages, it's easy to see the particular views that attracted me - his paintings of Haworth Moor and Hardcastle Craggs are wonderful, along with the view of the cliffs from Staithes and a gorgeous painting of Fountains Abbey. Flicking through, it's easy to get engrossed and I'm disappointed in myself for forgetting about such a gorgeous collection of pictures. Then again, at least I can enjoy them now.

To see some of Packham's work take a look at his website. There are some stunning examples of his work that aren't in the book including some of York, more of Haworth and a couple of gorgeous seaside watercolours. Well worth a few moments of your time - and mine, now I've rediscovered him.

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