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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

RIP David Jacobs

I was saddened to learn yesterday that broadcaster David Jacobs has died at the age of 87. As the accompaniment to many of my Sunday evenings as I read and listened to what he called 'our kind of music', I shared many pleasant hours in his company although, admittedly, I only became a fan in the twilight of his career.

His personality seemed - and this is backed up by colleagues' assessments of him - such a warm one and he had a treasure trove of stories about the big names he had introduced and worked with over the years. The only consolation for the future is that he consigned these memories to his listeners for us to smile at over and over.

His shows and his voice were one of the best friends I had. I found a bit of a home listening to him and took a fiendish delight in guessing singers before he named them and guessing which song he'd play next in his 'Common Denominator' slot. I suppose what I have to thank him for the most is the introduction to singers I hadn't previously encountered or paid much attention to them; people like Eydie Gorme (who sadly passed away herself last month) and Dorothy Squires. I have to thank him for expanding my knowledge of singers I did know - for instance, the wonderful Julie London. I also have to thank him for introducing me to some of my favourite songs. The one below is 'If I Were You' by Ray Bolger and Eileen Herlie from the musical All American. David championed this song, playing it quite regularly and calling it one of his favourites. Every time I heard it I wanted to buy it and finally got hold of it on iTunes. Ever since, it has made me think of David and his show. I'm sure that'll be the case for a very long time.

RIP David - thank you for sharing 'our kind of music'.

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