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Monday, 26 November 2012

Blogging NaNoWrimo 2012: Trotting Towards Victory

Do you remember that moment in Mary Poppins when Mary finds herself racing a carousel horse and all the other riders just pull up and let them pass? Well, my plot has just done the same thing: pulled up and let me pass. It's given me the insight I needed into the last five chapters (and that elusive ending) and is now hanging back to allow me to hurry on in peace.

I'm actually ahead! Last night I finished on 43,002 words when I should've been on 41,666. Things are going so well that I'm almost scared to commit that thought to print. After all, it's when you're least expecting it that your hard drive fails or your characters run off to join the circus. I must back up my work and chain my characters up till Friday.

It's looking likely that my novel will finish just over the 50,000 mark as my first drafts usually do. Nevertheless, even if it goes a little over, I'm determined to finish this first draft by the end of November goes.

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