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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Blogging NaNoWriMo 2012: Another Little Victory...

Well, I had a little word spurt (that sounds wrong...) in the last few days and finished ahead of schedule. Not only did I meet my NaNoWriMo target but I also finished my first draft. Yes, it's only 51,636 words but my first drafts are always very light. What matters is that it's down there on paper ready to be rewritten...when I get the chance. It has to join the queue behind the other five novels I'm redrafting, the PhD, my work for 2020UK, some paid freelancing work, babysitting duties and... Wow, okay. I'd better stop this list before I start panicking. Let's just say I have other work to do!

I've enjoyed writing this one, mainly because I've been mulling it over for much of the year so by the time November came around I was more than ready to stop thinking and write the damn thing. Nevertheless, I was worried that real life would get in the way and I stepped into some cavernous plot holes that I had to dig myself out of. It's going to make the rewrite fun but I think this one's definitely salvageable. Here are my stats for the month:

So I feel a bit like celebrating. Unfortunately, I'm lagging behind in my other work so I don't have time but here are two songs that sum up my mood.

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