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Friday, 25 May 2012

My Twitter Modes

It occurred to me last night (or, rather, in the early hours of this morning) that someone following me for the first time on Twitter may be a bit perturbed by the jumping around my Twitter feed does. Everyone has varied interests, yes, but the mechanics of Twitter mean that such eclectic personalities can seem frustrating when you followed a person for, say, political insight. So, here are a few of my 'Twitter modes', along with the approximate time of day you may want to avoid my tweets because of them...

  • Newsy/Political Mode: I have news: this one can go on all day. However, I'm a later riser these days (because I'm an nocturnal reader) and my first act when I wake between ten and eleven o'clock is to catch up on what's going on in the world. Mainly this seems to revolve around politics as my obsession grows but it can also include local news, television and film news alongside just plain odd news. 
  • Mad Political Mode: This one is usually restricted to Prime Minister's Questions on a Wednesday lunchtime, though can be replicated any time politicians are making stupid remarks to each other in the House of Commons and I happen to be watching. Can also occur if I make the mistake of watching Daily Politics, Question Time or Newsnight.
  • PhD Mode: This usually occurs on Twitter mid-afternoon, though it can feasibly take place all day depending on how interested I am in my current line of work. It can take the form of updating what I'm reading/researching that day or it can be a rant at the idiocy or perhaps genius of Wilkie Collins, Edmund Yates or nineteenth-century reviewers. It can also take the form of incoherent wailing but I think that's normal in these circumstances.
  • Blog Mode: This is a brief mode, including a little self-promoting when I've posted something new up here. 
  • Writing Mode: According to my own rules of self-restraint, this mostly takes place in the evening, any time after six is a good bet. I'll be trying to write and constantly looking to Twitter for distraction. Prepare for tweets about my word count or other random things that I choose to procrastinate with.
  • YouTube Mode: This may or may not occur late evening, depending on what sort of day I've had. It involves song lyrics that are particularly getting to me along with links to videos on YouTube. These can be anything from Bernadette Peters to ABBA to Epica to Aqua. Yep, that's eclectic. (This mode can be accompanied by a mad melancholia that requires eye-rolling on your part)
  • Reading Mode: What it says on the tin. My 'fun' reading usually kicks in after midnight and tweets about what I'm reading usually occur then. Alternatively, if I'm travelling it'll be featured during the day.
  • Train Mode: This occasional mode can be angry, humorous and bizarre. All depends on what kind of day the rail network's having.
  • Television Mode: This occurs when I manage to scrape a few hours with my father's hard-disk recorder and so may appear a bit out of date to anyone who actually watches live television. 
  • Weekend Mode: Everything goes a bit batty! I could be with family, writing all day, reading till my eyes hurt or simply going on a YouTube spree. It's a mixed bag!
I think that about covers it. If an eagle-eyed reader has spotted a mode I've missed out let me know!


MJPoetical said...

THe lets blame everything on Claire mode? ;)

Come on you know it happens. It's the same one that tells me I should be in bed and I haven't even got home yet.

CharmedLassie said...

Well, that mode happens to be for your own good...mostly.