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Sunday, 1 January 2012

... Onwards to 2012

It's much easier to dissect the year just gone than to predict what lies in store for 2012. It's a year of fear as far as the political and economic situations go, but also a year that should inspire pride in Great Britain. I hope it does. And, on a more personal level, I hope I can build on the successes of 2011. But let's cut this down into manageable goals.

I've signed up for two specific reading challenges this year (see the links on the sidebar). I aim to complete them. In addition, I want to read some of those books I've been meaning to for a while - Wolf Hall, The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister and Nella Last's War to name but three.

I daren't make any predictions about my PhD for the coming year. I just hope that I'm still studying at the end of 2012. Whatever happens, I've already learned a lot from my research. That'll never go to waste.

I want to complete some revisions of all four manuscripts I've got floating about. Two are in the later stages of development and two of them are first drafts. I will also aim to have at least one short story published this year and try and complete a few of the unfinished projects I've got hanging around.

I will continue working with 2020UK and hopefully attract more people to the ranks.

I'll continue being there for the people who need me (for babysitting or a chat) but I'm making no predictions about where I'll end 2012.

My inspiration for the year ahead has to come from the Matilida soundtrack and the song 'Naughty':

"Just because you find that life's not fair 
It doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it
If you always take it on the chin and wear it
Nothing will change.

Even if you're little you can do a lot
You mustn't let a little thing like little stop you
If you sit around and let them get on top 
You might as well be saying you think that it's okay
And that's not right."

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Callie Rawston said...

Finally got round to reading your blog post from yesterday and I am glad to see you haven't set yourself far too many predictions for this year - I mean two reading challenges, studying, 2020UK and re-writing four drafts, plus being a great friend and you know, doing things for yourself, are quite enough.
I would wish you good luck with your challenges but I know you will do well at all of them.
And I look forward to being there along the way!