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Friday, 5 November 2010

Blogging NaNoWriMo 2010: Running Behind

Pompously, I expected to be ahead by now. Entering the first weekend I had high hopes of hovering around 15,000 and lamenting with people who hadn't yet put finger to keyboard. That attitude is the thing I have to blame for this disaster!

I'm only up to word 5,174. That means I'm about 3,000 behind. I'm battling the urge to bash my head repeatedly and trying to come up with a logical solution to the problem.

Now, I'm not able to work on it tonight as I'm out at my sister's. Tomorrow night is a vague possibility but unlikely and I'm in London Sunday to Monday. Tuesday is my blitz on PhD stuff and... Wow, I see week two running away from me as well. This time next week I could hit crisis point. It's time I come up with a coherent plan here.

The novel is essentially seven short stories set in a service station. At the moment I'm still on the first one. Lauren is the new girl and acclimatising to the new job she dislikes. As far as potential plots go, hers is weak. I've been focused on what she becomes later and the relationship which is integral to the novel. But it's her first day and that hasn't had chance to develop yet!

The second in the pattern is Alan. Now he's an interesting character. I've already had chance to introduce him and the events in his story are shocking considering what a nice guy he is. There's more meat to his character and I think I'll enjoy writing that chapter.

All I have to do is get there first...

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