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Monday, 10 November 2014

Blogging NaNoWriMo 2014: Of Word Counts and Secondary Characters

Despite my slow start, over the weekend I managed to pull ahead and my current word count, with nothing yet written for today, is 18,021. For reference, that's practically where I need to be tomorrow so I'm building up a dinky little cushion.

Much of my weekend spurt can be put down to attending a write-in with the Leeds NaNoers on Saturday. I fought my usual shyness and won, spending three hours there and getting 3,000 written. And I had lemon cheesecake - always a plus. Hopefully I'll get there again before the end of NaNo. It was a nice environment to work in and I chatted with some good people.

So how's the novel going? Well, I think I'm about a third of the way through which suggests this first draft will be longer than my usual ones (they usually come in at around 55k, so NaNo plus a bit). However, my determination that the whole draft will be finished in November essentially gives me a little more work to do. I want this novel 'out of the way' so I can focus on rewriting another during December so I'm going to have to get on with it. Coupled with PhD stresses which I could really do without, NaNo is making November my most stressful month since...well, September. Overall, this has not been a good year and ending it with a work rush like this is asking for trouble. Nevertheless, we are where we are. My new mantra for when I make stupid decisions.

When I started writing the mother of one of my protagonists took on a bit of a life of her own. She isn't based on someone as such but I have met a woman who does the job she does and I've transplanted a personality onto her. So far, she's one of my favourites to write. I mean, one of my protagonists is snotty and work-orientated and the other one's completely absorbed by her anxiety issues so this woman is a delightful diversion. I am having trouble keeping track of all the residents of the care home though. Perils of having a large cast but it'll be necessary in the end.

My 'reward' films over the weekend were Summer Stock and South Pacific. I can't really be classified as a 'cockeyed optimist' in anything but my writing you are anyway.

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