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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Classics Challenge: August Prompt

For the first time this year I've stepped away from Charles Dickens in this challenge. You can read my review of Jane Austen's Emma here but the prompt this month is to share a few memorable quotes from the book of the month. I'm going to share some of the best pieces of dialogue from some of the most memorable characters in the novel. I haven't included Miss Bates because I'd be unable to type for the rest of the week if I copied out one of her speeches!

Emma to Mr Knightley - "Thank you. I should be mortified, indeed, if I did not believe I had been of some use; but it is not everybody who will bestow praise where they may. You do not often overpower me with it." (p45)

Mr Knightley to Emma - "Upon my word, Emma, to hear you abusing the reason you have, is almost enough to make me think so too. Better be without sense than misapply it as you do." (p49)

Mr Elton to Emma - "Miss Smith! I never thought of Miss Smith in the whole course of my existence; never paid her any attentions, but as your friend; never cared whether she were dead or alive, but as your friend. If she has fancied otherwise, her own wishes have misled her, and I am very sorry, extremely sorry. But, Miss Smith, indeed! Oh, Miss Woodhouse, who can think of Miss Smith when Miss Woodhouse is near? No, upon my honour, there is no unsteadiness of character. I have thought only of you. I protest against having paid the smallest attention to any one else. Everything I have said or done, for many weeks past, has been with the sole view of marking my adoration of yourself. You cannot seriously doubt it." (p105)

Mr Woodhouse to Emma - "You will make my excuses, my dear, as civilly as possible. You will say that I am quite an invalid, and go nowhere, and therefore must decline their obliging invitation; beginning with my compliments, of course. But you will do everything right. I need not tell you what is to be done." (p167)

Mrs Elton to Emma - "So extremely like Maple Grove! And it is not merely the house; the grounds, I assure you, as far as I could observe, are strikingly like. The laurels at Maple Grove are in the same profusion as here, and stand very much in the same way - just across the lawn; and I had a glimpse of a fine large tree, with a bench round it, which put me so exactly in mind! My brother and sister will be enchanted with this place. People who have extensive grounds themselves are always pleased with anything in the same style." (p218)


Lisa May said...

How funny - the difficulty of quoting Miss Bates!

Is it impertinent to add my favorite, Mr Knightley to Emma: "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more" ?

CharmedLassie said...

I like that one too! I limited myself to one quote per person otherwise I could have happily transcribed half of Emma and Mr Knightley's little spats.

Helen said...

I've also posted some quotes from Emma today for the Classics Challenge and found the link to your post when I went to add mine at November's Autumn! I love the pieces of dialogue you've chosen and can definitely understand why you didn't want to include Miss Bates.

Cat said...

I haven't read Emma yet but looking forward to it after reading your quotes, and Helens as well.

CharmedLassie said...

I hope I conveyed my enthusiasm enough, Cat, and I hope you enjoy it!