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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New Routines

Today is the first 'proper' day of 2011. The day when everybody goes back to work and the zeal for giving up smoking or chocolate fades as they realise it's January and the months ahead are hidden in a shroud of financial woes.

For me, however, today is the day when most of my resolutions (or decisions as I called them) kick in. From now on an average weekday should progress as follows:

Wake up at seven to the radio alarm, currently tuned to Smooth but that may change if Simon Bates doesn't settle into the role. Have cup of tea, check email etc, have half an hour on the Wii Fit then have my cereal whilst getting going on my reading for the day.

Mornings are devoted to primary PhD reading, accompanied by Smooth first then BBC Radio 2 from ten onwards. From Ken Bruce we slip seamlessly into Jeremy Vine whilst I carry on with the reading. At two o'clock I leave Steve Wright to his pointless shouting and retreat to have an lunch-hour in front of the television watching some of the many films, documentaries and dramas I've got stored up. At three o'clock I disappear into my office for secondary reading and/or PhD theorising or writing.

At five o'clock the PhD is replaced by writing time. Full-stop. I refuse to neglect my writing just because my PhD should be a full-time job. So, allowing a break in there for dinner, I'll write until about eleven. At that point I fall into bed, read for an hour, then hopefully fall asleep to do it all again the next day.

I think I must be nutty. What do you reckon?

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