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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blogging NaNoWriMo 2010: Having a Wobble

Yes, with just three days to go before my keyboard is battered in the race to the finish I'm having second thoughts about participating this year.

It's not because I don't think my idea is good enough. It's not because I don't enjoy my characters to the point of wanting them to suffer horribly. It's not even because I don't think there's enough mileage in the story. It's simple really: another novel is beating me round the head and begging me to go back to it.

This is a story I was leaving to cool off before a final final edit. I think I just decided it isn't ready for that. I want to give it a overhaul. And when do I want to do this overhaul? Oh, November, of course!

I've committed myself to NaNoWriMo so, yes, I'll try and get through it. But how many times can I kick the revision idea into the distance before it finally scoots past me and takes root in my kitchen?

November might be even more of a struggle than I anticipated!


Maggie Secara said...

oh I know what you mean exactly. I finished a novel (the one that comes just before the NoNo one) at the end of September. I've been letting it sit except for one read-through and would have been revising but oh my, look at the time! It's November again! Well, here's what I decided. I found the last time that 1 month is probably not really enough to look at the first draft with cold, hard eyes. The NaNo book will be Book 3 in a series, so I still get to play with the characters. December is soon enough to get back to Book 2. At least, it sounds good from here. :-)

Maggie (@MaggiRos)

Anonymous said...

Ah, at least I'm not the only one suffering! Good luck with book three (and book two!).